Past Inductees By Year

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An asterisk by the name denotes the person is deceased.

Administrator - Tim Drummond

Player - Polly Quinn

Player - Erich Wagner

Promoter - Linda "Baz" Baziluik

Senior Player - John Medford

Senior Player - Tim Potter

Sponsor - Guy Distributing


Administrator - Gary J. Caruso

Manager - Bruce McConkey

Player - Elaine Friel

Player - Ben Peterson

Player - Dana Stauffer

Senior Player - Leroy "Bud" Allen

Senior Player - Jack Cantrell

Senior Player - Bill Macuch

Sponsor - King Services

Team - Maryland Roadrunners

Umpire - Dan Garison


Administrator - Ed Robinson

Manager - Chet Young

Player - Johnny Creamer

Player - Lori Grimm

Player - Donna Linkous Hager

Player - Glenn Monroe

Player - Margie Ridgely

Senior Player - Luis "Louie" Benitez

Senior Player - Phil Miller

Senior Player - Tony Onley

Senior Player - Kenny Ruffo

Sponsor - Tim Wallace

Team - Murphy's Law (2004-2006)

Umpire - Rodney Barber

Umpire - Steve Zawierucha

Player - Butch Reed

Player - Mark Urbain

Promoter/Special Service - Al Doong

Senior Player - Nolan Forness

Senior Player - Ricky Grimm

Senior Player - Patti Martin

Senior Player - Katy Page

Sponsor - Jim Cryer

Team - Pennies

More info?   Don Miller 

Question on website?   Polly Quinn

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